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Lead in your drinking water

Anyone with children will shudder at the thought of having lead in their drinking water supply. Lead is a known neuro-toxin that can reduce the IQ of children who are exposed. Long term studies have found that children who are exposed to lead tend to have lower prospects when it comes to education and earning potential. Lead persists in the body, meaning that we have difficulty getting rid of it once ingested. All the more reason to prevent lead from entering the body in the first place. With the situation in Flint, Michigan that garnered national news coverage for the lead crisis there that isn’t over yet. Flint mayor says water switch ‘too risky’ after lead crisis – ABC News

Schools have also begun to look more seriously into the possibility of lead getting into their water.

 A bill that aims to test the water supply of aging Colorado public schools for lead over the next three years is advancing in the state legislature, despite worries that cleanup costs will hurt already cash-strapped schools.

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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — Parents in Brooklyn are furious with the Department of Education saying they weren’t properly notified about the high levels of lead in the school’s water supply.”It’s more questions than answers and nobody is answering us,” said Staci Ann Cooke-Richmond, a mother with children at Public Schools 289 and K396 in Crown Heights.

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Here is a simple way to find out if you have lead pipes in your home.

What do you do if you find lead? Experts say that the best solution is to replace lead water lines. Searching for a “plumber near me” is a good first step!